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Montana Mountain is wonderful! I love giving their soaps as gifts. The soap itself is great quality. The soap lasts forever, smells amazing, and leaves my skin moisturized. Not only is the quality exceptional, the packaging is so well done that gifting these soaps really only requires a gift tag. I buy them for my kids teachers, co-workers, and my sisters as stocking stuffers. These products are truly one of my favorite handmade gifts to give.



There are so many scents of Montana mountain soap to choose from. The soap leaves your skin feeling fresh  and clean!



I love Montana Mountain soap, especially for my toddler and newborn. I like knowing the ingredients in the soap and it is important to me that the soap is vegan and not tested on animals. I also use many of the fragrances myself because I love the way they smell and produce a good lather.



I have been using these soaps for years and recently started using the shave bars. I will never go back to using store-bought again! The scents are all so good, and the lather is great! Everything leaves my sensitive skin feeling so soft and moisturized. I would recommend this to anybody.



I bought your soap at the Ocean Grove crafts fair a few weeks back, and I'd like to buy more. I have to tell you,  I've tried many natural soaps in the past, and they're always nice,  but yours is wonderful! It's the best by far and it makes my skin feel soft and smooth and  never dry, and it smells wonderful too.  I love it.



Since I started using this soap my skin feels so soft. I like the large variety of scents to choose from. Love this soap!!


Dianne K.

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