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The Montana Mountain Story

I started Montana Mountain Skincare when I saw an opportunity to create all natural products in my own home. Raising a daughter allergic to chemicals often hidden in skincare, I wanted to create something with no secrets. I have always enjoyed working in the kitchen; following recipes for savory or dessert dishes, so creating natural skin care products was an easy transition.  I wouldn’t be able to continue with this passion without the help of my supportive husband.


Our soaps, shampoo bars, and shave bars are cruelty-free, vegan and are free of any preservatives or additives. The products we make are colored with natural ingredients like paprika, turmeric, nettle powder or indigo.  For that reason, there are no bright or artificial looking colors in any of our products.

We are proud to offer these high-quality products to you!


Click on Events on our home page to see where we are
going to be. We would love to meet you!!!



Our supplier grows and distributes botanical ingredients to produce the highest quality and shares our concern for the environment and respect for animals and therefore does not test on animals.


We source palm oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

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