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Our Pink Grapefruit-Balsam Fir Shave Bar is made using 100% pure pink grapefruit and balsam fir essential oils. Pink grapefruit’s scent is uplifting, soothing and clarifying. Balsam Fir has a distinctively woodsy aroma that conjures up the scent of the great outdoors. These bars are accented with a cocoa scent from the cocoa butter in this recipe. Each rich bar creates a creamy lather and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Bentonite clay has been added to help the razor glide effortlessly across your skin.


Approximate Weight is 3.75 ounces and measures 2.25” in diameter


Our shave bars are handmade therefore color may vary slightly from photo. Photo is for reference only.

Pink Grapefruit-Balsam Fir Shave Bar

  • We maintain a high standard when it comes to our personal hygiene practice and as a result, all sales are final. We cannot accept exchanges and ensure every product we make is of the best quality.

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